PMO & Delivery


Explore how to Enhance your IT Delivery with our Portfolio, Program & Project Management Services

Select 4 Consulting was founded on years of experience delivering some of the most challenging enterprise programs globally. In addition to our delivery consultancy, we have structured our experience and knowledge together with best practice into our standard products to accelerate client delivery, increase delivery assurance and quality while reducing risk and cost.

Project & Change Management

Whether we mean Program, Portfolio or Project Management, we tend to discuss all three under Project Management, but as delivery models mature, there is a greater need to integrate Change Management.  Mature governance and business led outcomes necessitate integral delivery between solution delivery and business requirements.  This is why we developed our EIMs based delivery approach.

Select 4 Consulting, in addition to our defined delivery services, offer adhoc Project & Change Management and advisory services.

Project Management Office as a Service (PMOaaS)

The value of running projects through a PMO to reduce risk, cost and drive efficiencies, standardisation, quality etc. have been widely proven. A PMOaaS provides a scalable approach regardless of organisation size.

An independent PMO focuses on the delivery structure – elements like tools, methods, capability & governance to ensure commonality and neutrality across your projects from initiation to close.

PMO Establishment

Project Management Office Enablement
Establish and optimize PMO capabilities. Improve delivery by enhancing current PMO capabilities. Enable operational effectiveness through methodology, culture, structure, value delivery and tools.

If you prefer to establish your own in-house PMO rather than benefit from our PMOaaS, we can help you define your requirements, plan how to start and grow from an initial supportive PMO through to a fully directive or even an ePMO.

Project Audits

The evaluation of a project is critical to its success.  It provides a comprehensive feedback on project status. Such feedback enables senior management to make informed decision that will push the project in achieving its objectives.   Benefits include:

  • improves project performance
  • enhances customer and stakeholder satisfaction
  • saves costs
  • controls scope and avoid scope creep
  • provides early problem diagnostics
  • clarifies performance/ cost/ schedule relationships

Project Alignment, Optimisation & Rescue

Sometimes projects veer off course. Diviations may be slight or dramatic but decisive action to bring projects back on course will save you time and cost.   We have experience in analysing projects to foresee problems before they occcur, help you make adjustments to simply optimise or align your projects back on course.

Occasionally projects get into more serios problems and a change of course is required.  Find out how we turn failure to success.

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