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Migrating your SAP & non-SAP workloads to Cloud made Easy with our Cloud Migration and Preparation Assessments

Migrating to cloud can be a daunting prospect, but with the right planning, it is possible to approach a migration with smaller, manageable tasks that decrease risk while maintaining integration and overall controll.  Our approach helps you take small individual steps that are manageable and fit to your business priorities.  Early planning helps identify the optimal time and strategy for your migration – which is why we have de-coupled this from the migration activities.  Too many only start the planning when they feel ready to start the migration and thus often don’t know when the optimal time to migrate is.  This is why we have developed our Plan, Migrate, Operate strategy.



Planning is the key to all good project outcomes, but early planning has a number of benefits other than determining the technical tasks ahead. With early planning, benefits can be identified and optimal timing of migration from current support/hosting contracts can be planned and achieved. Early planning also helps you dictate the speed that suits you and the business. S4C have a comprehensive 'Flyway' Navigator tool for SAP landscapes and our general Cloud Readiness Assessment to help you determine your strategy.


Cost, speed & Quality are every client's concern when facing migrations. We have addressed all 3 aspects to create the most compelling migration service for our clients. We work with specific partners who are best at 'what they do' from a technology standpoint, expanding our technical capabilities to wider diciplines combined with a remote delivery capability to keep costs as low as possible. Our approach is standardised with an array of accelerators and tools to provide the fastest, smoothest migration possible.


Once migration has been completed, we have an extensive Managed Services offering, complete or partial management of your landscape in a cost effective manner to reduce your TCO. Our goal is stability and predictability for your operating environments, while maintaining an innovative future proof platform that can evolve further as your business and needs grow. We have our own Cloud Management tools to give complete visibility and control of your cloud environment so you can always have peace of mind.,

Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA)

Our CRA has been designed to take you through all phases of planning starting with an initial discovery through a readiness assesment of high-level design, cost & security, Asset Suitability Assessment, Gap analysis and final Migration Roadmap.  Our asessment looks at your current systems and helps you determine the optimal time for migration based on current costs, drivers and savings – we help develop your business case.

See how we can help your business case realise a reduced TCO.

SAP Flyway Navigator

Through the use of our Flyway Navigator Tool, we have combined digital discovery and assessment capabilities with the execution and plans necessary to enable an accelerated Cloud Migration or an upgrade to S/4HANA.

We use the only SAP accredited S/4HANA migration tool that can automate code optimisation and combine this with other defined services to accelerate and reduce cost of your migration.

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