About Us


Select 4 Consulting

Since 2017 Select 4 Consulting has been providing consulting and predifined solutions to our enterprise clients.

At Select 4 Consulting we take pride in the quality of our staff. We believe in striving for great client outcomes. Select 4 Consulting was founded in 2017  as a specialist SAP Consultancy organisation focused on SAP transformation services, specifically the implementation and migration of SAP workloads.  Through dialogue with many organisations’ executives, it became clear that the gradual evolution of many enterprise architects has morphed into complex ecosystems.  Vendor dependency has grown whilst information available to executives on which they base decisions has decreased.  Select 4 Consulting was founded to challenge this.

Through our experience and expertise, we have developed our own proprietary transformation management methodology, EIMs. Enterprise Integration Management services (EIMs) is the bedrock for us at Select 4 Consulting. A truly client centric delivery focused methodology, EIMs represents the central platform from which we base all engagements, whether they be Consulting, Advisory, Project or Program execution. 

S4C is based in the heart of downtown Singapore servicing both domestic and international clients across Asia.  Recently we have also started operations in North America.

Our aim is not to be the biggest, but renowned for being the best.  An independent delivery focused consultancy. 

Our company is a collective of amazing people delivering  exceptional outcomes with leading clients

Our services are designed to provide you the control of your strategic transformation initiatives, providing clients’ executives with the information to make the right decisions. Having the right information at hand and firm controls throughout the Digital Transformation Life-cycle (DTL) will ultimately save you money & time through:

  • Accurate information for informed decisions
  • Managed risk to reduce exposure
  • Accelerated delivery gives earlier ROI
  • Raised Quality to reduce re-work
  • Greater efficiencies and reduced waste
  • Early adoption and greater competitiveness

These are just some of the benefits you will see. Let us work with you to identify the true value you could experience from engaging S4C